About AEthlered Eldridge

About AEthelred Eldridge, professor at Ohio University since 1957, is now listed in A Dictionary of Avant Gardes by Richard Kostelantz. He currently teaches two classes 'Art in Your Life' and 'Autopsical Art'.


According to AE, the artworks are not as much different styles over time, but an evolution… an evolution of what? Just know that the works are not suggestions of how to live your life, better yourself, get closer to God, or anything of the sort, they are an evolution of writing and art.

The Ever Engaging Carrot
Daughters of Beulah Succor the Sleepers Entry
Strugglers for the Spoils

Art from Books & Neowes from Golgonooza

Random pages from editions of Neowes from Golgonooza will be posted here.

Page 98, Albion Awake!, AEthelred Eldrdige, 1976
Look Ma! No Hands!
We will not be blinded by slavery again
Trickle Down
Take Eat
… And No Man Shall See Them
Albion Awakes, Nothing Else Matters
Blue Birds Over The White Cliffs of Dover
Sure Footed Blindness Doesn’t Miss A Beat
Put A New Car Back in the Picture
Make Peace With Your Maker

Public and Not So Public Art

These artworks can be seen in public or at Golgonooza.

AE's Office Door - Siegfried Hall
AE's Studio Attic Ceiling

Neowes from Golgonooza

The Wall at Siegfried Hall - Athens, Ohio

The Wall at Siegfried Hall means many things to those who have passed, sat and wondered or religiously visit.

The English Church in the Wilderness


THE CHURCH of William Blake

This place is a fury hidden. In America. In Ohio. Building Four-fold London. How is Virtue related to Fredom? They are Both Liscensec by tyrants, who are mild. Who is more Satanic: The Tyrant or the Genius. The Genius is one fox ahead of the Ruins. And heaven continues to decay; having delegated Time To Poetic Genius, who has it to burn. Don't ask Blake. And don't Take it from the mouth-pieces of Jesus. The Living Man is not Reiterative. Go to the Horses Mouth; which is ever falling. From the Cliffs of Albion. Golgonooza is a Place Sanctified. –– but Sub-lunar Avatars, only went the Tartary distance of Descent: Blake. And he is no Object of Worship. He is an Exmplar. And he construes in the Intellect the sleep of Albion.
(Albion Awake, page 33)

The Church of William Blake

Till We have built Jerusalem
In England's green & pleasant Land.
Wm. Blake

Would to God that all the Lord's people were Prohets.
Numbers XL Ch., 29 v.

'Oh! what wonders are the children of men! Would to God that they would consider it – – that they would consider their spiritual life, regardless of that faint shadow called natural life, and that they would promote each other's spiritual labours, each according to its rank, and that they would know that receiving a prophet as a prophet is a duty, which, if omitted, is more severely punished that every sin or wickedness beside.'
Blake's letter to Haley, 11 December 1805
(Albion Awake)


I think the greatest Mystery is the Stem. Do we know that the Sister of Blake's Created System have led the Tree of Albion Out by its stems to Babylon? More and more we come to know It as out Vegetable Powers exercise the Howling Wind that Blows across our Bosom. To be nailed to those stems, To Nail down the leading propensities of our Desires to Those Stems requires and act of Genius.
(Albion Awake, page 58)

Photos by Rick Callahan


You have always wondered where the “Neowes form Golgonooza” comes from… AEthelred moved to this land 40 years ago, since members of the Grateful Dead, the Maharishi and a number of other notable folks have visited. The Maharishi used the land for ceremonies claiming that the spirit was excellent in the surroundings. The house and it's architectural surroundings are a piece of work in themselves. The house is built with hewn logs in somewhat of an English Tudor style. There are "purposeful ruins", a serene lake and a river flowing through the peaceful acres.